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Our products are produced with passion to ensure high quality with respect for the environment, local residents, employees and customers. Our products are produced on the basis of 100% green electricity and without production of waste and residues. Our cements can be used throughout the year as long as the temperature remains above zero. Due to a higher fineness and addition of additives, our cements always ensure a high workability of mortar and concrete.



CEM II / B-L 32,5 R

Composition cement with lower CO2 emission. This cement has a high initial resistance.


- Sand cement mixtures

- Chape flooring mixtures

- Mortar

- Stabilization mixtures

- Various concrete mixtures

Faster curing allows a faster demolding of concrete structures,  faster walkable stable and chappe mixtures and more layers of building bricks can be processed without obtaining unstable structures.

Certification: CE1+

Available in bulk. Soon also available in bags of 25kg

CEM II / A-L 42,5 R

Composition cement with lower CO2 emissions. This cement provides a rapid curing of the concrete.


- Various concrete products

- Concrete blocks

- Various high-quality concrete mixtures

- Ready mix concrete

- High quality mortar mixtures

Rapid curing provides high initial strength. This allows concrete products to be quickly demolded and, in the case of ready-mixed concrete on location casting elements it done the possibility to restart building on top of the concrete faster than normal cement.

Certification: CE1+

Available in bulk.


Composition cement with lower CO2 emissions.

- Sand-cement mixtures
- Chape floor mixtures
- Mortar
- Stabilisation mixtures
- Various concrete mixtures

Normal curing so that the mortar or concrete mixtures do not cure too quickly, and that there is a longer processing time of the mixtures produced. 

Certification: CE1+, BENOR
Available in bulk. Soon also available in 25kg bags.

Other CO2 friendly cement blends are in preparation for production

Alternative binders

Liandur is developing alternative binders that have an extremely low CO2 impact.

These binders are revolutionary.

Liandur's production equipment has already been adapted for the production of these binders. We will inform you shortly about the availability of these binders.

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